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  • SmaLift Medical Vertical Conveyor Transport System


    1. Higher transportation efficiency.

    1. MCBS Innovative application of track vertical lifting structure,Transport efficiency is 56% higher than the general conveyors transport system.

    2. The general vertical conveyor system is applied to hospitals, and the vertical structure is usually based on a reciprocating hoist (sorting efficiency is about 110-160 boxes/hour), or combine with a highly efficient circulating hoist (sorting efficiency is about 1000 boxes/hour) .

    2. More flexible capacity configuration. 

    1. According to the patterns of department orders, big data dynamically configures the lifting vehicle resources.

    2. After position adjustment of the department, the capacity can be adjusted to ensure that the efficiency is not affected. 

    3. The reserve capacity is large, and according to different stages of hospital operation, capacity expansion can be realized by increasing the number of lift vehicles.


    3. Intelligent and convenient operation experience.

    1. Handheld reading terminal. 

    2. Automatically identify destination station. 

    3. Empty conveyor box auto-resend. 

    4. One conveyor box serves for multi-department.


    4. Ultra-low energy consumption.

    1. Relying on the advanced energy consumption control strategy, according to the equivalent amount of energy consumption.The system energy consumption is only 30% of the general box system.


    5.Smaller station occupied space.

    1. No-Foundation pit design、Ultra small size of vertical shaft、Upper and lower layer dual path workstation、Minimize station space. 

    2. Ultra small size of vertical shaft:910mm*620mm,The shaft mouth area is reduced 48% than the general conveyors transport system. 

    3. Thanks to the exclusive advantage of track vertical lifting structure, the layout of the department is more flexible and reasonable.


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