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    ª Lib-AutoTruck: Hybrid power with a carrying capacity of 25kg , and adopting swing horizontal structure to ensure that books and files are kept horizontal in the box when the Truck is running upside down.

    ª Lib-Self Loading:Hybrid power with a carrying capacity of 15kg , and unloading; the damping sponge that lining in the box for safety and mute transportation.


    ª Hybrid power, developed and launched for hospital, with a carrying capacity of 30kg, a volume of 46.5 L and an aspect ratio of nearly 5:4 of the inner box to ensure the larger items can be easily put in.

    ª the standard configuration inside the vehicle with ultraviolet disinfection device and photo-activated disinfection system that can be added to garage and transmission path to effectively inactivate the new coronavirus and reduce the risk of nosocomial infection.


    ª We can provide customized product services, which are aimed at various industry scenarios, customer application needs and technical requirements, and we can develop products that fulfill the internal intelligent logistics transportation needs of the users.

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