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  • SmaTube Medical Pneumatic Tube System

    1.Transport efficiency is twice as high as other pneumatic systems

    Automatic identification of target station, 2-way receive, single transation supports 5 carriers auto-send continuously.

    2. The combination of independent fresh air flow system and new type of airtight Pass-Through station,contaminated air never enters hospital.

    High-performance filtering material,Strong folding to reduce wind resistance,allowing purified air to circulate quickly. Combine with the new closed pass-through station,completely eliminate cross-infection between stations.

    3. Patent "Ferris wheel" sending & receiving system avoid carrier jaming or lost in the tube.

    "Ferris wheel" multi-postion ring structure,built in compact bypass tube station,to achieve "direct" transportation between stations,no need to cache transfer,eliminate carriers stuck or lost in the tube.

    4. Adopting RFID technology to achieve intelligent tracking and identification,automatically empty carrier return.

    The application of the IOT RFID technology to achieve real-time positioning and management tracking of carriers in transportation.

    5. When errors were detected,the system would change path and resend carrier automatically after the error operation is corrected.

    Based on the unique system architecture , after the error operation is found and the receive station is corrected,the path auto-change and continues to send without recall or secondary forwarding.

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